Congress Returns to Work

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After a six-week Recess including town hall meetings and aggressive messaging, the House and Senate return to Washington with a full plate of work. In the next three weeks Congress could consider the twelve appropriations bills, a small business incentives measure, President Obama’s new transportation infrastructure proposal, possible extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, and the nuclear arms reduction treaty agreement, among others. All of this will be on the table in a short time frame as Congress is set to adjourn again in early October. Members will certainly be anxious to return to their districts for campaign season making an extended session unlikely. Conventional wisdom suggests that most of these measures will be deferred to the Lame Duck session after the mid-terms.

What is brought to the floor in each chamber will largely be influenced by the proximity of the elections. According to a recent Rasmussen Report, a majority of Americans are wary of new spending and increased taxes, and favor a smaller government with fewer services. The coming days will tell us how the mood of the country has affected the appetite of Congress to tackle this load of unfinished work.

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