A Peek Into What is on the Lame Duck Agenda

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The mid-term elections are still several days away, but that hasn’t stopped some from looking ahead to the final weeks of the year when Congress will be focused on must-pass legislation to keep the government open for business.

There has been much discussion about the fate of “tax extenders,” but other measures receiving increasing attention (sub. req’d) include the repeal of a certain tax reporting requirement in the Health Care bill that passed the House earlier this year, green jobs tax incentives proposed by House Ways and Means Chairman Sander Levin, and a 100% tax write-off for business investment and the permanent extension of a research tax credit proposed by President Obama. Also under consideration is increased funding for the Pell Grant program (sub. req’d) for college students.

In the coming days we should get a clearer picture of what legislation will make it to the floors of the House and Senate for an actual vote during the Lame Duck session. The results of the mid-term elections will certainly have a significant impact on that agenda.
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