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Remembrance of Veterans

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On a recent Veteran’s Day , Gerry Cassidy hosted the annual Cassidy & Associates Veterans Day luncheon for all of us in the firm who had served in the armed forces. Our Guest of Honor was the oldest living Marine at the time, Mr. Herb Bowen. Herb was born in March of 1898, and served in the Marines during 1918 and 1919 during which he saw service in France during World War I. Both his grandfathers had fought in the Civil War….one for the South, one for the North.

Herb told us a story about his service in Europe and how the war had left such a positive impact on his life. Herb felt that he learned more about life from his fellow Marines during those 2 years that it became central to his life until he died at the age of 104.

It was because we put value on others’ lives more than ours,” he said. “After the war, you appreciate the freedom we now take for granted.”

Thanks Herb, Happy Veterans Day
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