Nonprofits Still Under the Microscope

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There is some belief that partisanship in the 112th Congress will be worse than what we say in the 111th. However, it would be a mistake to believe that we are destined for two years of outright Congressional gridlock. With a divided legislature Congress may not move on big ticket legislation, but action on issues without the partisan edge remains possible. Especially where action was pending, but didn’t fit into the schedule as a result of protracted fights over healthcare and Wall Street reform, interested parties should be getting involved early. As Sandra Swirski of the Alliance for Charitable said at a recent Hudson Institute gathering, (listen or watch at the Hudson Website)

“The focus on nonprofits is not likely to shift significantly as a result of the switch in ranking Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, but tax-exempt organizations may be in for a rougher ride in the House”

For many years House and Senate Members have looked into the nonprofit sector. Issues of concern have ranged from abuse and inappropriate activity by nonprofits to unexpected growth in the industry. Regardless, nonprofits continue to draw attention. With no stable signs of an improving economy or and the deficit taking center stage, cuts are coming. Early engagement will be key to preserving the vital role that non-profits play in so many facets of American life.
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