Cyber Protection — Who’s Checking The Back Door?

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While Bill S. 3480 – Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 (sponsored by Senators Lieberman and Collins) is a good start, it does not adequately address the protection of our nation’s critical cyber supply chain.

More attention needs to be paid to protecting our software supply chain. With all of the open source (3rd party) software being used on critical programs, something must be in place to check this software for abnormalities and “backdoors.” Some of this open source software is not even produced in the US. I know private companies do not want people seeing their source code to check for these open doors, but there are great tools out there that can check “code” without looking at source code—and do it in a cloud—which makes it inexpensive.

The US Government needs to establish requirements for checking source code—the baseline of cyberspace. To use an old analogy…if the foundation of our cyber infrastructure isn’t strong, then our cyber house is resting on sand.
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