Health Financing in the Developing World

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Management Sciences for Health’s January newsletter highlights various initiatives in health financing in the developing world, including an innovative financing partnership in Uganda with USAID and local partners which helps Ugandans meet critical family planning needs. In just over one year, the Kamuli VSC health clinic in Kamuli District, Uganda has expanded its family planning services eight-fold. The newsletter tells the story of Faridah Kawuda:

…a resident of Bulwamaza village in Kamuli district is one of the clients who received the newly available family planning services. She recently had a bilateral tubal ligation (BTL) and is confident that she has made the right choice. At 28, she has five children; the eldest is 12 years of age and the youngest four. Faridah opted for injectable family planning services for four years, but ‘I decided to have a BTL because I thought these children were enough,’ she shared.

Family planning is a crucial aspect of helping families, and especially women, escape from the brutal cycle of poverty and hunger in the developing world. Population management is also considered by many international development experts as playing a key role in ensuring our global food security and water security future. A recent report by British chief scientist Professor Sir John Beddington outlines these challenges in detail.

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