Key US Enroute Air Bases, Like Gander International Airport, Need to be Maintained

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Recent events in Kyrgyzstan emphasize the importance of the U.S. Air Force world-wide infrastructure.

Gander International Airport (New Foundland) remains an important part of U.S. global reach around the world. From its early work with NORAD in 1952 to 9/11 in 2001, Gander Airport has always been a key ally of the US. Gander even played an important role in the recent Haiti Earthquake relief missions flying from Europe. Most importantly, and with little fanfare, Gander’s support to current U.S. flights enroute to operations in the Afghanistan area happen almost daily.

Cassidy & Associates considers Gander International Airport an important client–not only is Gander important to our critical world-wide flying infrastructure, but they are also a good friend.

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