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Farm Bill 2012 Discussions Play Out Across the Country

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The House Agriculture Committee is in the process of holding a series of hearings across the country in order to review the current agricultural policy as lawmakers prepare to draft the 2012 Farm Bill. As these meetings take place, priorities are beginning to emerge.

This week, in a meeting in Sioux Falls, regional farmers and producers lobbied for crop insurance protection reform. The consensus among the attendees was that crop insurance should be viewed as a critical part of the farm safety net in order to help avoid the dangers of production and commodity price instability.

However, advocates in Congress will face an uphill battle in the current “belt-tightening” climate. Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture Colin Peterson (D-MN), stated that the Committee was already working to find a better safety net to pair with crop insurance protection and some of these concepts would be announced in the coming weeks.

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