Team Play Important in Politics Too

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I got a blast campaign email today from Dr. Charles Crist, Sr. who is the father of current Florida Governor Charlie Crist who is running for the U.S. Senate. When it became apparent that the Governor would not win his party’s nomination in the primary, he quit being a team player. He decided to run as an independent.

I tried to respond to the email but it was blocked. I could link to an opportunity to send a contribution. I declined.

Dr. Crist offered the following observations about his son’s campaign for the senate:

“I believe Charlie Crist would be a real advocate for Florida as a United States Senator. Yes, I’m biased, but my kids, my wife and my friends and patients will tell you I’m also honest. Charlie learned the importance of being honest and straightforward at all times from me.”

I have children and grandchildren. I understand a father’s (grandfather’s) pride in the accomplishments, small and large, of each child as they move through the early years and into adulthood. Thinking about this Florida Senate race and my grandson, Jordan’s baseball games this past week, it comes to my mind how important team play is to our endeavors.

Every member of the team contributes in their own way. Sometimes team mates get frustrated when they want to play different positions or they think the coach has favored another player.

This past Sunday, Jordan, age 8, was pitching. He had played a good game but at the mound, things weren’t going as smoothly as he had hoped. When the other team scored again, he threw the ball on the ground on the way back to the mound. Coach Tom pulled him. No anger. No yelling. Just coaching about the right way to play ball and how to represent the team.

In the final analysis, it is what is good for the team that counts. When the team benefits, each player benefits. It is not always true the other way around. Caving into the selfish behavior of one player may not benefit the team or the other players. The Governor should have learned those rules a long time ago. Running as an independent is a selfish move; not a self-less team oriented action. I hope my kids learn the importance of team play from me and those around them.

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