Free Trade Agreement Will Aid Korean Security

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Sixty years ago today, marked the beginning of the Korean War, as North Korean troops backed by China invaded South Korea.

After three years of hard fighting, UN Forces led by Gen Douglas MacArthur forced an armistice, which was signed July 1953. Since then, North Korea has broken the peace numerous times -- the most recent being the murder of 46 South Korean sailors when their ship was attacked by North Korean forces.

While the US weighs options, from sending an aircraft carrier group for a show of force to freezing North Korean financial assets, other options should be considered.

One is to finally approve the US and Korean Free Trade Agreement, which was signed on June 30, 2007.

The U.S International Trade Commission estimated the agreement would benefit both the US and Korea economically. In addition, approving the Free Trade Agreement now would send a clear message to North Korea that we stand with our friends both militarily and economically.

By responding to North Korean provocations with both soft and hard power, they will soon realize their acts of aggression result in a stronger and even more formidable South Korea. Even a tyrant and his backers will understand the futility of continuing on such a course of action.

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