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Stationary Fuel Cells Important Part of Natural Gas Sector

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MIT released an interim report today examining the future of natural gas as a fuel in an increasingly emissions averse world.

“Natural gas has moved to the center of the current debate on energy, security and climate. This study examines the role of natural gas in a carbon-constrained world, with a time horizon out to mid-century.”

The authors of the study contend that over time market forces driven by a policy focus on low emissions will push energy intensive sectors into the natural gas market. For more on the report see this piece by Joel Kirkland.

The report focuses mostly on traditional uses of natural gas, such as LNG, deferring a very promising technology to the final report. This interim report is a great first step into future uses of natural gas, but it is important that stationary fuel cells are closely examined. Stationary fuel cells are the cleanest and most efficient use of natural gas. To meet future energy demands while reducing emissions we must embrace innovative technologies that aid our prosperity as well as the environment. Consequently, policy makers would do well to consider fuel cell technology as they seek to reform energy policy.

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