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Innovation and Commercialization

Over the last decade, the Life Sciences industry has progressed dramatically, with the emergence of new technologies, research advancement and treatment methodologies.

The industry is a vital economic force for corporations, universities and state and local communities.

Cassidy & Associates has worked with many clients on ensuring leading scientific research is translated into real-world applications through innovation and commercialization.

In the process, these efforts have led to economic development, facility expansion and infrastructure advancement. We can work with you to do the same.

From Research to Venture Capital

A major part of our life sciences practice involves assisting clients on public policy matters, including Congressional legislation, investigations and hearings.

Our clients in the Life Science industry include major research universities, academic medical centers, laboratories and corporations, medical device companies, investment banking and private equity and venture capital firms targeting life sciences companies.

As the industry continues to rapidly expand and science and technology advancements become more sophisticated and complex, so do the challenges facing Congress and regulators. Your organization needs to be part of this conversation.

Health Science Fields

We bring a depth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields including pharmacology, biotechnology, genomics, therapeutics, drug delivery, medical device and nanotechnology and in other chemical, agricultural and health care science areas.

Contact any member of our Life Sciences team to discuss how we can help you advance your agenda in Washington.

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