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Identifying Markets

The federal government represents an enormous potential customer for your company wherever you are located and whatever you provide.

According to the federal budget, in 2010 alone, the government will spend close to $300 billion on contracts with private companies. These are awarded to companies ranging from multinational corporations to small start-ups.

The products and services needed by the government are varied, meaning that whatever your company sells, there is a government agency out there that needs it.

Federal Contracting Can Be Complicated

The process your company must complete in order to win a contract can be complicated. Federal laws and layers of bureaucracy can make it difficult for businesses to find opportunities and win contracts.

Given this complexity, an excellent product may struggle to make it to market despite its ability to meet the customer’s needs.

We Give You Expertise and ROI

Our proven process for marketing to the federal government will help you:

  • Identify government agencies that require your product or service
  • Find crucial acquisition decision makers
  • Build your business pipeline.

We provide your company the guidance and expertise to close deals with the government and secure a high return on investment.
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