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Expanding Your Federal Market

Businesses are always looking for new ways to expand sales and increase market penetration, especially during difficult economic times.

The annual budget of the federal government includes billions of dollars for procuring goods and services needed to support the mission of the federal government.

The size of the federal market makes it a very attractive target for selling your product or service – in fact, if your company is not fully leveraging your federal sales division, you may be missing out on a huge potential market.

A Bewildering Maze

“In many cases even the government doesn’t know who the right person to talk to is”

– as quoted to our team by a federal official.

The federal agency market is notoriously difficult to navigate and can be especially frustrating for a solid business that has been successful in other sectors with a straightforward sales pitch.

It is not that federal officials want to make it difficult, but the massive size and extreme complexity of government operations can result in a situation where your product or service is absolutely needed and wanted – but the sale cannot be made due to the tangled procurement process.

The Federal Marketing Team at Cassidy & Associates has years of experience dealing with these issues, and can provide you with the necessary guidance to get your products to market.

Patience and Persistence

Two of the most important words we use in counseling our clients through the federal marketing process are "patience" and "persistence."

Why? Take a look at a framework we use with clients: The "Big Three Circles of Influence" - Procurement, Policy and Finance. Any product or service marketed to the federal government must negotiate these obstacles before closing the deal.

The Policy Circle (pictured) represents the web of actors your business must navigate if it hopes to be successful.

We bring value to our clients by streamlining this process with a concerted plan to engage the right players and reduce waste.

We can help you prioritize opportunities, develop a contact plan, and craft an effective "elevator pitch" to ensure that you gain access to critical decision makers and know what to say to close the deal.

Our process works as a forces multiplier to increase your return on investment, while decreasing hours wasted trying to find the necessary individuals to get business done.

Proven, Repeatable Process

We work with your team to understand your existing business plans and develop the right strategies to negotiate complex governmental processes and achieve increased sales.

The continuing success of our clients demonstrates the effectiveness of this strategy. Ours is a proven, repeatable process that has worked for others—and can work for you.

Our Approach to Driving Revenue

Our strategy builds upon three key activities: Market Intelligence, Business Development, and Outreach. Together with your team, we will customize the plan to identify and shape opportunities with key federal government agencies.

Specific plan elements will include:

  • Targeting key decision-makers in the Executive Branch departments and agencies.
  • Identifying Department or Agency funding sources and levels for key programs that correspond to your capabilities and strategic goals.
  • Identifying the appropriate strategic marketing channels through which your product may be introduced to the federal marketplace, including developing relationships with large systems integrators and/or teaming with “niche” partners.
  • Building relationships with the buyer, policy and user communities to ensure positive name recognition among all potential customer sets.
  • Identifying the relevant federal procurement schedules and vehicles that may be applicable to your products and services.
  • Being your “eyes and ears” by providing you with timely, accurate and meaningful business intelligence concerning public policy developments, procurement regulations, technological advances, and competitor activities.
The Federal Marketing Team looks forward to speaking with you about how to grow your marketshare.
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