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Chief Operating Officer

A native of suburban Detroit, Jordan Bernstein took an early interest in politics. Starting out as a state level volunteer for the campaign of former Michigan Governor John Engler, he soon headed to Washington to pursue a Masters degree in Political Management. Jordan’s career in national politics began in the U.S. House of Representatives on the staff of a busy Congresswoman from Missouri.

On Capitol Hill, Jordan quickly became involved in almost every aspect of the congressional office, actively managing legislative and constituent issues across a broad range of topics. He was promoted to Chief of Staff in his late twenties – a position which required the ability to quickly synthesize multiple issues and adapt to constantly shifting priorities. From healthcare to appropriations to transportation issues, Jordan provided strategic and tactical counsel to the Member while leading a staff that worked diligently to serve the citizens of a rural district faced with difficult economic times.

Jordan draws on this diverse background to service a variety of clients at Cassidy & Associates. Client issues do not fall neatly into a single category and the best solutions come from having a deep understanding of the entire legislative and political process. As such, his client base has grown to include organizations with multi-faceted needs – trade associations, corporations, university systems, and health care organizations. Although each client may have targeted areas for legislative focus, Jordan adds value by providing trusted advice and counsel as the clients’ general representative in Washington.

"Working with the Hill is about providing answers and solutions, not complaining about politics and politicians"

Representative Engagements:

  • Health care association client specializing in senior living needs

  • Large mining and smelting company navigating a myriad of environmental requirements

  • Largest community college system in the country

  • Built Congressional support for a federal reimbursement strategy for a medical device manufacturer

  • Developed, strategized, and advised large not for profit health system on Health Reform and implementation

  • Private developer of a large transportation-oriented redevelopment

  • Navigate Washington for a large agricultural cooperative

  • Developed and advised tax strategy for a large energy efficient manufacturing company

  • Building Hill support for not for profit client initiatives

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