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Donna Jo Denison

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Vice President

From early on Donna Denison was intrigued by government and politics. Growing up on a fifth generation family farm in Southwest Louisiana, she learned first-hand how government policies impact farmers as well as our nation. She also came to understand how laws, policies and elections affect sustaining a small rural economy and a family farm. These two unique facets have made Ms. Denison into the successful advocate that she is today.

At the completion of her undergraduate studies Ms. Denison was given an opportunity to work for two Louisiana Members of Congress. Her twelve year career on the Hill culminated as a senior policy aide in the US Senate. In this capacity, Ms. Denison worked on a variety of health, food, nutrition and international trade and commerce issues.

She views public policy is a way to help solve problems while also advancing opportunities. Her greatest successes are those in which benefit the client, and Nation as a whole. This attitude, paired with her ability to articulate the intricacies of her client concerns helps her to craft an agenda for success.

"Many issues get lost in translation on Capitol Hill and articulating a message in a clear and concise manner can determine the difference between winners and losers."

Representative Engagements:

  • Represents an agricultural cooperative with $2B in consumer sales

  • Facilitates trade for a multinational meat packing company

  • Navigates food safety and decontamination issues for and antimicrobial specialty chemical company

  • Works with large community college system to implement anti-obesity outreach initiative
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