Cassidy & Associates has assisted a variety of businesses, non-profits, advocacy groups and international organizations.

Over the years Cassidy and Associates has assisted a very diverse array of businesses, non-profits, advocacy groups and international organizations to achieve their public policy objectives—almost certainly someone in a situation similar to the one you currently face.

Here’s a sampling of industries where we have used our expertise and experience to help our clients.

Agriculture | Food Safety | Nutrition

Cassidy has decades of experience in helping food and nutrition clients understand the many complex aspects of agricultural policy and its intersection with various economic sectors. From navigating food safety and nutrition policy issues to facilitating international trade, Cassidy provides clients with strategic input to advance multi-tiered public affairs, legislative and regulatory strategies to advance targeted objectives.

In today’s global agriculture economy and with heightened consumer awareness about how food is grown, produced and marketed, agriculture related issues will remain at the forefront of government oversight. Research and innovation will continue to drive efforts to feed a growing global population while concerns about obesity, health and the environment will remain key factors that influence policy and regulations.

Cassidy’s bipartisan team has the ability advocate across a broad cross section of Congressional and federal-decision makers including key authorizing and appropriations committees as well as federal oversight agencies. This core strength is critical to driving consistent results in this growing economic sector.

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Associations | Non-Profits

The Cassidy team recognizes that non profits and trade associations have broad charters and multiple missions over a range of issues. Whether it is education, outreach, identification of federal policy challenges or coordinating events to raise awareness on key legislative issues, we craft and execute a detailed strategy to assist our clients’ organizations in achieving their goals.

We understand a “least common denominator” approach to Washington is one of the greatest challenges confronting your organizations especially if there are competing priorities or a few members whose issues dominate the agenda. Our team overcomes those hurdles by accomplishing a specific legislative or regulatory policy outcome while utilizing our broad depth of knowledge and experienced personnel to become a force multiplier for organizations, particularly when there are multiple issues at hand.

Our team works diligently to add value to your organization, recognizing leaders of non profits and trade associations must serve many different constituencies: major corporate donors, minority partners who run niche businesses, as well as colleagues in related industries. A number of these voices are, in fact, business competitors whose interests diverge. We take those challenges and offer valuable experience in working with non-profit and trade association boards to identify common goals and using an effective team approach that can engage all elements of your constituency.

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Corporate Representation

Cassidy provides corporate representation for a diverse group of companies including, health care, IT, defense, and energy firms, among others.

We tailor our representation to the needs, challenges and opportunities of individual clients. For some, we serve as a full-service Washington, DC office handling multiple legislative and regulatory issues. For others, we play a focused supporting role in a larger campaign or government affairs program.

We excel at building, enhancing, and promoting clients’ brands through meaningful engagement, education, and reputational enhancement with federal decision makers.

We proudly advance the interests of our corporate clients who, together, employ hundreds of thousands of Americans in fields ranging from hospitality to manufacturing.

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Defense | BRAC | Cybersecurity

Those involved in defense and national security programs of the United States stretch across all sectors and industries of our economy; from private sector business, nonprofits, and healthcare systems, to renewable energy, and military installation communities. All are working to support the warfighter and their families with innovative technology solutions and services for the battlefield and at home.

The Cassidy team knows how Washington policymakers make decisions because we’ve been there, wearing the uniform, in the Pentagon, at key federal agencies and on Capitol Hill. Our bipartisan team understands the changing fiscal realities of the federal procurement process, the cost of modernizing programs for our warfighter and providing healthcare to service members, retirees and family members through the military health system. We leverage our deep understanding of the Department of Defense’s priorities and processes to provide clients with opportunities and a strategy to address challenges they face.

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Energy | Environment | Conservation | Public Lands

We advocate for corporations and non-profit groups interested in advancing their interests in energy and natural resource development, innovation, and conservation.

The Cassidy Team’s collective experience working on Capitol Hill, in relevant Executive Branch agencies, and in the private sector, underpins our strategic advice and delivers effective advocacy.

Energy and public lands policy development and successful place-based solutions are hallmarks of our work. We excel by helping align clients’ interests with decision makers’ agendas to secure valuable legislative and regulatory victories.

We proudly represent leading renewable energy, clean technology, energy generation and transmission, resource development and conservation interests across the country.

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Cassidy and Associates has invested forty years representing higher education institutions and organizations, pursuing innovative ways of securing federal resources, expanding research and development footprints in Washington, navigating the federal legislative and regulatory landscape and enhancing their profiles across the federal government.

We have represented colleges and universities of every size and in every part of the country. Our higher education clients have included prominent research universities, public university systems, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges and universities, community colleges and digital learning campuses.

Project after project, we have successfully demonstrated our ability to apply in-depth knowledge and understanding of the higher education community to a wide spectrum of issues and challenging political environments in diverse areas of policy expertise including defense research; energy and environmental research; agriculture research; support for university-based international programs;
manufacturing and technology research and development; workforce development and training initiatives; digital learning elementary, secondary and higher education policy.

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Arguably no other federal government policy has impacted our nation’s businesses, hospital providers, insurance payers, doctors, medical researchers and patients more than federal health policy. Since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid, every Congress and President has worked diligently to impact the way Americans are provided, receive and pay for healthcare services. Cassidy and Associates guides corporations, technology companies, healthcare institutions and organizations through the ongoing challenges and opportunities in Washington.

Our clients have included multi-state health systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, professional associations and corporations whom we’ve helped navigate a complex legislative and regulatory environment, providing them strategic counsel, thoughtful advocacy and creative solutions to their problems and goals. We have helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for research, technology and related infrastructure while working with our clients to help maintain or modify federal regulatory policy.

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The old adage, “All politics is local,” takes on new meaning in an era of unprecedented integration and globalization. Interdependence among multinational corporations, transnational institutions and sovereign governments means that actions, intentions and signals must be effectively translated and communicated to foreign and international audiences – ranging from consumers to lawmakers – in terms that are direct and relatable, and that speak to the interests of each audience. Proactive, targeted and nuanced local engagement is necessary to avoid miscommunication, misunderstanding and miscalculation. The Cassidy team helps domestic, foreign and multinational interests understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities in Washington and helps U.S.-based clients promote their interests overseas through intelligent strategy development and rigorous implementation.

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The federal government is poised to step in and shape the playing field for tech companies to compete and those decisions from net neutrality to data breach to cyber security will shape the technology industry for years to come. Industry leaders and start-ups alike must engage in the legislative process or risk having their competitors set the ground rules. At the same time, the federal government will spend billions of dollars on IT products and services, and actively seeking out game-changing innovations. The Cassidy team has the experience – first as government policymakers and then as industry advocates – to engage and get results.

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Transportation | Infrastructure

We recognize that there are a variety of stakeholders in transportation and infrastructure matters. States, counties, municipalities, non-profits like hospitals and universities, and many industries can be impacted positively or negatively by transportation legislation.

Our firm prides itself on the accomplishments we have achieved for our transportation and infrastructure clients. In recent years, we have helped clients secure beneficial policy items such as motor carrier safety-related provisions in the most recent surface transportation reauthorization; achieve project authorizations pertinent to benefit-cost ratios associated with water development statute; win millions of dollars in TIGER grant funding; and have provided guidance within the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the Office of Management and Budget as it pertains to interpretation of law, budgets and regulatory issues. We have leveraged our relationships with both Congressional and federal agency leadership to work concurrently on any given client initiative. It is a proven formula in an era when working solely with Congress can be limiting.

Congress and the Administration have both prioritized the need for transportation and infrastructure improvements and advancements. Cassidy and Associates is uniquely experienced to make sure you are not left out of these legislative and regulatory processes and opportunities.

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