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Cassidy Client Advances Next Age of Space Innovation

Cassidy client Inmarsat works every day with DoD agencies creating powerful solutions that help meet military mission Inmarsatrequirements and leverage advances in commercial satellite communications capability. But more can be done to further integrate commercial capabilities and Inmarsat Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch is taking a closer look at what is being done in this “new era for the DoD and space.”

Cowen-Hirsch writes in a recent blog how proposed shifts in space policy and the adoption of a “satcom-as-a-service” model will usher in the next age of innovation in space.

“It is an era of uncertainty, as we cannot fully know the intent of our enemies, just as we cannot predict when and where the next natural disaster will compel our humanitarian assistance. It is also an age of opportunity to push SATCOM innovation to extraordinary levels of performance, as industry leaders work with government agencies to augment MILSATCOM with ideal coverage, capabilities, reliability, capacity, resiliency and security. With this, the military community will best position itself to prepare for any challenge, with completely secured access to the space assets needed to get the job done.”

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