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The Republican takeover of the Senate could shift who holds the most sway on K Street.

With the flip in control of the chamber, GOP senators next year will take the helm of powerful committees that craft and oversee energy and environmental policy. In turn, lobbyists considered close to those new chairmen will see their influence quotient rise as they work with prominent lawmakers in the new Congress.

Lobbyists say they sense a new optimism from empowered Republicans on Capitol Hill. A GOP Senate means more tough oversight of the Obama administration but also potential for bipartisan deal-making in 2015.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is one who’s considered by K Street to have the chops to craft compromises between the parties. She settles into the chairman’s seat of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee next year.

In interviews with E&E Daily, several lobbyists said they consider…

Kaleb Froehlich is another lobbyist considered tight with Murkowski. Before joining Cassidy & Associates earlier this year, he was senior counsel for Murkowski at the Energy Committee.

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