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Service members and veterans, leading employers, senior military members, policy and legislative experts are gathering today in Washington for the Seventh Annual Army Women’s Foundation Summit and Cassidy’s Michelle Greene, LTC, USA, (ret), a recognized military healthcare professional with more than 20 years of leadership experience in the US Army, is a featured panelist at the event. Michelle is sharing her experience and success in the private sector as part of a panel discussion, Army Women: Political Empowerment & Engagement, designed to help military women recognize their leadership skills and put those skills to use in their local communities and beyond.

“I think it’s important to share and demonstrate how my operational and legislative experience in the Army and the Military Health System is put to work every day on behalf of my clients to effectively engage in Washington,” Michelle said.

Fuels America has also signed with Cassidy and Associates to lobby on the Renewable Fuels Standard, the firm — which registered four other clients today, as well — told PI. Cassidy will be lobbying on behalf of Norse Corporation on cybersecurity issues, Fluor on defense and nuclear energy issues, Norton Healthcare on military health care issues and Aspire Clarksville Foundation on defense infrastructure.

The Sunday magazine of the Las Vegas Sun profiles some of the “most influential players” in Washington including Cassidy Co-Chairman Kai Anderson.

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The Republican takeover of the Senate could shift who holds the most sway on K Street.

With the flip in control of the chamber, GOP senators next year will take the helm of powerful committees that craft and oversee energy and environmental policy. In turn, lobbyists considered close to those new chairmen will see their influence quotient rise as they work with prominent lawmakers in the new Congress.

Lobbyists say they sense a new optimism from empowered Republicans on Capitol Hill. A GOP Senate means more tough oversight of the Obama administration but also potential for bipartisan deal-making in 2015.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is one who’s considered by K Street to have the chops to craft compromises between the parties. She settles into the chairman’s seat of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee next year.

In interviews with E&E Daily, several lobbyists said they consider…

Kaleb Froehlich is another lobbyist considered tight with Murkowski. Before joining Cassidy & Associates earlier this year, he was senior counsel for Murkowski at the Energy Committee.

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Cassidy & Associates has signed five new clients, the firm told PI. Cassidy will now be lobbying on behalf the following clients: GOJO Industries, the parent company of Purell, on the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and its effect on antibiotic resistance; Watch Systems on the National Sexual Offender Monitoring program; energy storage company Ares on environmental permitting; Carrick Brain Centers on issues related to Traumatic Brain Injury and concussions with the Department of Defense; and power-plant supplier Holtec on nuclear energy funding issues.

Accelerating clean energy and infrastructure solutions for the DOD is the focus this week in Austin, TX as Cassidy & Associates is a lead sponsor of the Defense Energy Summit and Innovation Showcase. The premier event brings together national military and business leaders in defense energy solutions including Microgrids, Grid Security, Energy Storage, Portable Power, Distributed Energy, Disaster Recovery, Fuel Options, Transportation, Efficiency & Buildings, Water Management, Soldier Technology, and many more.

Cassidy Senior Vice President Dave Belote is a featured panelist at the event. Prior to joining Cassidy, Dave was the first Executive Director of the Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse at the Pentagon, where he built a “one-stop shop” for industry to work with federal, state, and local government agencies to ensure that utility-scale renewable energy and transmission projects were compatible with military operations and installations.

Key government agencies and departments also participating in the Summit include the U.S. Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force as well as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Department of Homeland Security, Special Operations Command, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

A Republican majority brings major changes to committee leadership in the U.S. Senate, the size of the majority determines committee ratios and budgets; more seats in the SeCassidy Associates Senate Committee leadership infographicnate translate into a greater advantage on the panels.

The new committees are expected to be finalized in January or February.

In the meantime, Cassidy & Associates just released two infographics that a look at the potential changes to the Chairmen and rearranging of the Ranking Members of the major panels as Republicans take control of the Senate.

The Hill newspaper is out with its annual list of Washington’s best and Cassidy Co-Chairmen Kai Anderson and Barry Rhoads top the list.

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