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Cyber Crime Forum Urged to Engage Congress on Cybersecurity Legislation

Congress is considering cybersecurity legislation now and it’s critical that businesses across all sectors are engaged on Capitol Hill, that’s the message a team of Cassidy & Associates experts shared with top industry experts earlier last cybersecurityweek at a national forum in Pittsburgh.

“The news about the hack of OPM’s databases has added new urgency to the debate,” said Cassidy Co-Chairman Barry Rhoads. “Now every federal employee knows first-hand how vulnerable their information is. This has given a lot of momentum to the bills Congress is working on.”

Rhoads and Cassidy Senior VP Kevin Binger briefed the forum on progress being made on data breach notification bills, cyber-threat information sharing legislation, and other cybersecurity initiatives being debated on Capitol Hill. “Congressional committees are going to be making decisions on these bills this summer and fall that will affect every company doing business across the country,” Binger said. “They will be making tough decisions on issues like data security requirements, liability protections, penalties for non-compliance, and other issues that will affect almost every industry. If businesses aren’t following this closely and assessing how they will be affected, they should be.”

Rhoads and Binger spoke to the annual gathering of several hundred cybersecurity experts from business, government and academia, telling attendees at the three-day event that the prognosis for passage of cybersecurity legislation in this Congress is improving, and that key decisions on important details have yet to be made.

Two cybersecurity information sharing bills have passed in the House, and data breach notification legislation has been approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. In the Senate, an effort was made this month to attach cyber information-sharing legislation to the annual defense authorization bill.

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