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Cassidy and Associates Energy TeamWhat’s in the Senate’s Comprehensive Energy package? What are the next steps to the Senate floor? Cassidy’s Energy Team has been closely tracking and analyzing the legislative package since the beginning of the Congress and following Wednesday’s unveiling by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has released a new legislative report that gives a top line look at what’s in the bipartisan bill.

The Cassidy report details how Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) originally planned for the Committee to tackle each section of the bill separately, but now the Cassidy team anticipates that the bill will be marked up in its entirety in a series of at least two markups beginning on Tuesday, July 28. The process is steered by Chairwoman Murkowski’s insistence that the Committee finishes its work by August 6th and report the bill to the full Senate Floor.

For the full Cassidy report on the Energy Bill and more on how a year-end deal could shape up, contact Amelia Jenkins or Kaleb Froehlich

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