Terry Paul, BG, USMC (Ret)

In a town where defense and security of the homeland are at the top of the agenda, Terry Paul stands out as leader in the consulting industry as he serves as an Executive Vice President at Cassidy & Associates. A remarkable military career combined with intimate familiarity of the legislative process, he brings extraordinary value and Hill experience to the firm’s clients.

During his Marine Corp’s career as an infantry officer, he served in various command and staff positions at virtually every echelon from platoon through division. A cherished highlight of his career was as a Captain he co-founded the renowned Marine’s Infantry Officers School.

General Paul is best known in Washington for his experience as the Marine Corps liaison officer in the U.S. Senate, a post he held for an unprecedented ten years until he was promoted to General Officer and assigned to the Pentagon, where he oversaw all legislative issues in the House and the Senate.

The increase to the Marines’ Congressional defense funding was very evident during his tenure. His years of world travel escorting Senate and House members provided rare and influential time with members. That exposure created frequent opportunities for mentoring, building enduring relationships, and allowed a forum for presenting candid advice on defense matters. As a trusted confidant, he continues that role today providing experienced counsel to senior military leaders in a supportive, advising effort.

Consequently, for the over 10 years he has headed the Cassidy Defense team’s effort, the team has enjoyed an unparalleled success rate with clients that otherwise have been stymied and frustrated by the huge bureaucracy within DOD.

From energy saving applications to communication devices…. from new aircraft to armored vehicles from ships to satellites….the Cassidy Defense team has excelled at assisting clients in a wide variety of businesses, both foreign and domestic, with winning lucrative opportunities within DOD’s vast market.

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