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At Cassidy and Associates, we make Washington work for you. We are experts in the top issues and the top industries, with 40 years of proven experience and success. We create government relations strategies that win.


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At Cassidy and Associates we successfully adapt to an ever-changing landscape in Washington, regardless of budgetary conditions or politics of the day. As advocates and strategic advisors, we educate and empower federal decision makers with facts and insights through winning strategies.


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Reputation is everything in Washington, and that's something we've developed across many years of hard work, helping to build modern advocacy with the commitment to hearing all voices.



Since our company’s founding in 1975, Cassidy & Associates has worked with Presidents and Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and of all political persuasions.
Our team hails from every corner of the country and includes Democrats, Republicans and others who choose to affiliate with neither party. We appreciate our country’s great diversity, we value the American system of government, and we appreciate deeply the freedoms enumerated in the US Constitution.
Since our company’s founding, seven presidents have facilitated peaceful transitions to duly elected successors, consistent with certifications of electoral college results by their respective Congresses.
On January 6, 2021, domestic terrorists attacked the Capitol and violated the sanctity of the House and Senate chambers in a deliberate, pre-meditated attempt to frustrate the certification of the 2020 election results.
With profound concern and sadness, we witnessed the endangerment of friends who work in those hallowed buildings. We worried for the safety of former colleagues, elected officials and all the public servants who work on Capitol Hill for the American people, including the Capitol Police.
Disappointingly, even after the deadly attempted coup, a substantial percentage of the 117th Congress chose to cast doubt on the duly state-certified electoral college results. These actions further fanned flames of division and undermined the safe and peaceful transition of power.
We condemn the sedition and insurrection of January 6 in no uncertain terms. The mob that assaulted the Capitol was not comprised of patriots; the mob was comprised of thugs.
As the country moves forward, we will support those Members of Congress who recognize the legitimacy of the 2020 election and speak out against those who perpetuate falsehoods and perpetrate acts of sedition, insurrection or treason.
As a leading bipartisan government relations firm our team consistently ranks among Washington’s best. We know how Washington policymakers make decisions because we’ve been there. Our exceptional team of Washington’s brightest professionals fully engage the federal government, creating and executing strategies that achieve our clients’ goals and protect their interests.
Our team continually adapts to an ever-changing landscape, regardless of the existing political environment, budgetary conditions or politics of the day. We know how government works; who makes it work; and how to make it work successfully on behalf of our clients.